Bonte Natural Foods

Bonte Natural Foods
Ferndale, Washington
tel: 360-201-6296
fax: 360-366-0107

We are a Gluten Free Baked Goods Company dedicated to offer
the “best of the best” gluten free products on the market.

We understand the needs of the gluten free community because we are a family of 6 who have been eating gluten free for the past seven years. We started this company because it was hard to find really good tasting products to feed our family. After taking the plunge and purging our own kitchen from all gluten containing products, our kids were very concerned they would not be able to eat their favorite foods. Our commitment is to not only supply favorite foods for our own family but to help others who are feeling frustrated and disappointed with their diet choices. Since eating gluten free is a lifetime commitment to better health, we know it’s an absolute necessity to find products that are excellent tasting as well as nutritional.

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